Related Issues

If some of the situations listed below describe you or your colleagues, then your firm could derive great benefit from helping its professionals become more capable and confident business developers. To discuss your firm’s needs, click here to contact Saxon-Hamilton.

  • There aren’t enough people in the firm who bring in new work.
  • Few people in the company are willing to assume this responsibility.
  • People don't know how to find new business or cultivate prospects.
  • Your firm doesn’t have a clear-cut strategy for developing new business.
  • The professionals in the firm are intimidated by the thought of “selling” or feel that it’s not what they signed on to do.
  • They don’t really understand their own resistance to selling or how they can overcome it.
  • People haven’t made the connection between building relationships and developing new business.
  • People don’t know how to go about deliberately building relationships.
  • They are uncomfortable finding out from prospects what is important to them — their vision, their strategy, and what they need to accomplish their business goals.