What Clients Say

David A. Lyon
PresidentLyon Ventures, Inc.

Lyon Ventures, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in the renovation of medical and healthcare facilities. As Lyon’s president and founder, I retained Saxon-Hamilton to help me gain better control over the growth and direction of our business. To accomplish this, they helped me develop not only a strategic plan but also a comprehensive and effective sales and marketing process.

In addition to technical expertise, our practice depends on our ability to establish credibility and build and maintain relationships with prospects and clients. The consultants guided me in the development of a realistic relationship plan for each targeted client. We laid out a complete process that included making contact, getting an initial meeting, positioning myself and the Company for best results, differentiating Lyon from our competition, following through after the meeting and so on. To further increase my personal impact, Saxon-Hamilton also put me through rigorous presentation skills training with video coaching. As a result, I became more comfortable and real in marketing and sales situations than I had ever been.

My work with Saxon-Hamilton made it easier for me to manage the growth of the business. I’ve gotten so much value from their attention and assistance.