What Clients Say

General Manager Manufacturer

I was recruited to fill the newly created position of General Manager and was fortunate to work with Saxon-Hamilton right from the start. Simply put, they helped me develop the critical skills necessary to be an effective executive.

I was continually impressed with the consultants’ professionalism and expertise and the thoroughness of their preparation. Their ability to help me address the issues and developments landing on my plate daily and then return to a prescribed program of study kept their advice consistently timely, pertinent and applicable.

The results were obvious not only in the overall improvements in operations and staff morale, but also in the ability of the president to fully step back from the day-to-day operations and focus on other things. The changes we effected as a result of Saxon-Hamilton’s guidance directly impacted the bottom line in a reduction of overall expenses and waste, and allowed us to more successfully weather the economic downturn and prepare for a program of controlled company growth.

Manager Consulting Engineering Firm

As a result of my work with Saxon-Hamilton, I became much stronger and more effective as the director of a group of engineers and geologists. The consultants helped me step back from day-to-day client and management responsibilities so that I could develop a vision for my group. They advised me on significant performance matters that threatened to impede my vision, and helped me strategize how to address them. By sharing their insights and understanding of human nature with me, Saxon-Hamilton ensured that I was able to deal more effectively with key staff and motivate them to succeed. The consultants encouraged and assisted me as challenges arose that I hadn’t anticipated at the beginning of our work together.

My experience with Saxon-Hamilton was far more beneficial than I ever expected it to be. They took a personal interest in me and clearly cared about my success. They were there for me then, and have continued to be there for me as my career evolves.