Related Issues

If some of the following problems describe you or your team members, then you should think about developing or enhancing these all-important skills. To get your questions answered or discuss your team’s needs, click here to contact Saxon-Hamilton.

  • You know that strong working relationships are key to your own and your organization’s success, but you're not sure how to establish and maintain them.
  • You’re not sure how to exert a positive influence on people who don’t report to you.
  • You have received feedback that your communication style is confusing, unclear or unfocused.
  • You’ve been told that you’re not a good listener, that people don’t feel heard and understood by you.
  • You often think people agreed with you but discover later on that they didn’t.
  • You’re not skillful at handling resistance when you encounter it.
  • People don't listen to you because you've lost credibility in the organization.
  • You don't know how to motivate others to action.
  • You don’t know how others perceive you.
  • You are disappointed to learn how you are coming across to others; their view doesn’t match up with how you see yourself.