Presentation Skills

At work you must present yourself and your ideas every day, sometimes across a table in meetings and other times in more formal presentation situations. If your work environment is typical, getting people to slow down and focus on what you have to say is a real challenge. Does speaking in front of groups intimidate you? Do you know how to reach your audience and engage them? Can you organize your information for maximum impact and deliver it with punch?

With the right coaching, you can become a confident, effective and compelling speaker in any setting.

In his insightful book, Working the Room, Nick Morgan says, “A presentation belongs to its listeners. If they don’t get it, no communication has taken place, and everyone’s time has been wasted. If they do get it, you have the chance to change the world.”

Whether the changes you wish to bring about in your listeners are big or small, if you want people to sit up and take notice when you speak, contact us now.

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