What Clients Say

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating OfficerA Community Bank

Saxon Hamilton provided tremendous value by getting both of us prepared to make one of the most important presentations ever done in our company. They taught us a unique way to analyze the audience and to identify listener "hot buttons." They showed us how to stand and deliver by establishing contact with the audience, getting control of the room and using audio visual tools as an advantage rather than a distraction. Most importantly, they were insistent on making sure that we got our key points across clearly. All of it added up to good leadership training and made our presentation a great success.

This is the kind of learning that can and should be used in any sort of important communication from a one-on-one conversation with a co-worker or client to a lengthy strategic planning presentation, and the skills can be employed over and over.

CFOA Technology Company

Saxon-Hamilton recently worked with our CEO and me to prepare us for a series of first meetings with companies who were interested in investing in or acquiring our company. So much was at stake and neither of us had ever paid much attention to our presentation skills. We needed help with our personal presentation styles as well as our content.

By the time Saxon-Hamilton had completed an intensive couple of weeks with us, all I could say was, “Wow.” Our presentation had gone from OK to great and I had learned how to make an impact and leave the impression that I wanted.

Looking back, a number of things really stand out to me about the way Saxon-Hamilton worked and the results they produced. I was surprised at how quickly the consultants got up to speed on our business. They asked good questions – the right questions – and as the work unfolded, the purpose and pertinence of those questions became clear. They got to know our personalities and, rather than trying to fit us into some model, they worked with who we are and helped each of us shine. When game day arrived, the CEO and I were both comfortable, confident and ready.

I was struck by how the consultants made a personal, emotional investment in the work and in us. It was clear that for them this was not just a job. In addition to being extremely effective, they were such a pleasure to work with. What nice people!