Executive Coaching & Development

While all executives have strengths that contribute to their success, they also have shortcomings that inhibit their effectiveness, areas where they may not be as confident or aware as they need to be. Saxon-Hamilton’s experienced personal coaches can help them increase their leadership know-how, identify and address their specific needs and hone their skills.

Saxon-Hamilton understands that such personal development programs represent an investment in time, attention and money by the client and his or her company, and demand demonstrable results for both the individual and the business. Our covenant with each client is to deliver genuine, agreed upon outcomes, usually within 3-4 months, which are responsive to mission-critical client needs. We measure our effectiveness by our client’s demonstrated success, and we consider our work done when those outcomes have been achieved in the eyes of the client.

Our coaching philosophy is predicated on the fact that anyone who is truly interested and willing can personally develop, grow and make changes that improve or enhance his or her situation or condition. If a person has a vision for his or her area of responsibility, knows and is aligned with the organization’s vision and strategy, and wants to further develop his or her leadership capabilities and be ready to take on greater responsibility when the opportunity arises, then coaching will be of great value.

We don’t use canned programs and do not push ahead in rote fashion. With genuine caring for the advancement and wellbeing of our clients, we stay focused and determined to make the coaching experience satisfying and immediately relevant. This is how our clients can take best advantage of the great opportunity that their company is providing.

The underlying theme of Saxon-Hamilton’s coaching is to “get real” and to focus on the practical application of the concepts and ideas being discussed, not on academic theory. When the coachee tries out a new approach in his or her daily work, the outcome of that effort is discussed with the coach and corrections are made when needed.

Such work requires a relationship built on trust and communication. To ensure both, our coaches create a safe space in which coachees can freely communicate any confusion or upset without concern that what he or she says will be repeated to others. Only through open dialogue can the coach and coachee reach a true meeting of the minds.

Our leadership coaching helps a person understand and adopt an executive’s perspective on bringing about change and managing and motivating people. For the coachee to grow as an executive, he or she must be able to see things from a senior point of view and act accordingly.

It’s really about understanding a few important principles and successfully applying them in the changing world of business.