Related Issues

The situations described below reflect some of the challenges you may be encountering. As a leader and role model, what you do has a great impact on those around you and on the organization itself, so enhancing your skills, ability and understanding in these areas is very important. To discuss your own or your team’s coaching and development needs, click here to contact Saxon-Hamilton.

  • You want to be a more effective leader and to better understand the critical success factors of leadership.
  • It’s hard to devote time to strategic thinking because you’re down in the details; you’re uncertain how to shift your focus from tactical to strategic.
  • You’re in react or receive mode much of the time rather than proactively driving your agenda, priorities and activities.
  • It’s lonely at the top; you don’t have a safe, objective, experienced person to consult with, confide in or go to with your ideas, fears or concerns.
  • You're not sure how to focus, inspire, motivate and empower people in your organization.
  • You talk about accountability, but don’t know how to establish clear expectations and make people more accountable and responsible.
  • It’s hard to confront issues, make tough decisions and take decisive action; you don’t have a sound decision making process.
  • You’re unsure how to positively influence outcomes when the decision-makers don’t report to you.
  • Communication at all levels of the organization, including your own, needs to be more effective, useful, timely and consistent.
  • You’ve been told that your interpersonal skills are lacking; developing good work relationships, dealing effectively with resistance and dissenting points of view, and better understanding the people you work with are all keys to higher performance.