Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan is one of the most important endeavors that a company can undertake, as you will be setting the organization’s future course. You will also raise hope and expectations across the organization.

Through more than 25 years of experience, we have developed an approach to strategic planning that produces powerful results. It isn’t academic, boilerplate or a waste of time and effort. We know what a good planning process and plan can do for a company, but we are also mindful of what you have at stake and take great care in working with you.

Thorough data gathering up front grounds all our work in a solid understanding of your company’s unique culture, strengths and needs. We then work hand-in-hand with you and your team throughout the process to customize the planning, making sure we take the best, most workable path to the outcomes you are looking for.

Perhaps most important, we have a deep knowledge of the tendencies and idiosyncrasies of groups and facilitate the planning sessions in such a way that the group can rise above itself. We don’t think it is unrealistic to aim high – we will help you to unleash the group’s strategic thinking and power.

We are also pragmatic and don’t find value in plans that are not implemented. Being well-versed in the issues and curve balls that often derail the best intended planning efforts, we will help you avoid or overcome them and put in place a system to stay on top of obstacles that can arise long after the plan is successfully launched. We help teams stay engaged and committed during follow-through.

As with all Saxon-Hamilton’s work, our strategic planning is informed by our deep understanding and appreciation of the human challenges and strengths of organizations.

A typical strategic planning process from data gathering to launch of implementation will take 6 months to a year.