Related Issues

If you can see your organization in some of the following situations, then you could probably benefit from having a well-conceived, up-to-date strategic plan and implementation road map. To discuss your strategic planning questions and your organization’s needs, click here to contact Saxon-Hamilton.

  • There’s no clear leadership focus or direction; employees feel the organization is rudderless.
  • Strategic plans were developed in the past, but they fizzled in execution; there was no follow-through.
  • Your organization has a strategic plan but you didn’t develop it yourselves, so no one is taking ownership of it.
  • Your organization is always putting out fires and reacting instead of deliberately setting its own course.
  • Your organization may be missing out on opportunities because there’s no context for determining whether or not to pursue them.
  • Priorities keep shifting because there is no agreed upon direction and focus.
  • You don't have a clear direction and a plan to guide you in making decisions that will impact your future and help you direct your various staff teams.
  • Strategic planning is viewed as a “nice to have” in your company.
  • You’ve got steep new goals, but you're still doing the same old things.
  • Employees are skeptical when they hear the words “strategic plan.”