What Clients Say

George S. Nolte
President and CEO Nolte Associates

I really like how Saxon-Hamilton worked with us in the development of our strategic plan. Sometimes a consultant’s style can get in the way of their effectiveness, but with Saxon-Hamilton, this was never a problem. They have a skillful way of engaging people, drawing them out and getting their commitment. The consultants are not overbearing and with an organization of engineers like ours, this is really important.

The plan we developed was strong, but of equal or greater value was the process of engaging a critical mass of our Company’s leadership to build that content. This participation helped create a focus at the senior level and a commitment to accomplishing the plan that has withstood the test of time.

Saxon-Hamilton has continued to work with us in the implementation phase, offering purposeful, follow-on oversight and guidance to ensure that we are making progress and staying on course.

They have provided an active, living and effective process that has helped our leadership group manage very important changes in a manner that respects and is consistent with our culture.

Roger Alan Swanson, AIA ACHA
Principal, Chairman & CEO Anshen + Allen Architects

We learned that Strategic Planning requires persistence and the right leadership. We provided the persistence and Saxon-Hamilton provided leadership. Several years of false starts by ourselves as well as with various facilitators and consultants failed to get us results--we just had a hard time holding a focus on developing the strategic plan. We realized that as good as we are as the firm's leaders, we were not very good at leading ourselves in this effort.

We needed leadership--the right personalities that could get us all on the same page with definitions, goals and objectives, and keep us focused. It turned out the Saxon-Hamilton consultants were the right team to lead us to the target. In fact, I was quite amazed at how they melded with us to become a part of our team, somewhat akin to player-coaches. Although much of the work they helped us with was done in smaller groups before and after, the two-and-a-half day retreat that our entire team spent together led by these capable professionals remains one of our most rewarding team experiences and one of our most significant group accomplishments to date.

Spencer Leslie
Director/Site Services Tyco Electronics

Saxon-Hamilton helped us design our first comprehensive strategic plan. I was especially impressed with how well prepared the consultants were. They did extensive pre-work and interviews and gained a thorough understanding of our business and the unique realities of our situation. As a result, the planning process was smooth and efficient. Saxon-Hamilton also helped our management team members link up to work with each other truly synergistically, greatly increasing the team’s effectiveness on this critical project.

The consultants not only advised us in the creation of our strategic plan, but more importantly, they guided us through the development of a realistic implementation plan. I know that this is where many good plans fail, so this helped us achieve our goals in a big way.

We continue to reap the benefits of this whole process.