Organizational Effectiveness

Your organization could probably be more successful and sustainable. It can be difficult to know where to start making changes, though, because the stickiest problems are often symptoms of deeper issues.

Because any change can be disruptive and upsetting to people, it’s important that you avoid false starts and focus on the right areas. For example, is your organization’s culture in alignment with its values? Does management walk its talk? Do people support each other and work collaboratively to uncover and resolve organizational problems and enhance performance? Are unaddressed productivity and performance issues hurting employee morale?

Bringing about important changes or improvements is essential to your company’s continued success, but how can you accomplish this with a minimum of resistance?

“It is a myth that people resist change. People resist what other people make them do, not what they themselves choose to do. People fight that which fails to take their needs or interests into account and gives them no room to influence decisions.” First Among Equals by Patrick J. McKenna and David H. Maister

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