Related Issues

Each of the following situations is important on its own, and many of them reflect deeper issues that will create serious problems for your organization if not addressed. To discuss your organization or get your questions answered, click here to contact Saxon-Hamilton.

  • People don't do what they say they will do; commitments are not met.
  • Management doesn’t walk its talk.
  • Accountability isn't clear-cut so people don’t take responsibility.
  • Performance is poorly managed; performance and productivity aren’t maximized.
  • Things fall between the cracks because people aren’t clear about their roles.
  • Personnel are in positions that don’t leverage their strengths.
  • You have great plans but there is poor execution and little or no follow-through.
  • The organization’s business processes are outdated, cumbersome or ineffective.
  • “Silo thinking,” rather than cooperation and collaboration, is the norm.
  • Employee morale is low and management doesn’t know how to improve it.