What Clients Say

Dave Studeman
(Former) Managing Director-Seattle Landor Associates

Saxon-Hamilton was instrumental in helping me plan for and orchestrate several significant changes in the way our company does business both internally and externally. We were able to make these changes and, at the same time, retain several valuable employees who would have otherwise strongly opposed these moves. Thanks to Saxon-Hamilton’s advice and insights, I was able to talk with these key employees in a way that allowed them to support the changes, remain with the company, continue to grow professionally and make valuable contributions in business development and client service.

Perhaps one of the most satisfying aspects of my work with Saxon-Hamilton was the fact that the solutions crafted were a genuine joint effort of the consultants and myself. While they were certainly using their expertise to guide the way to potential solutions, nothing about Saxon-Hamilton's approach was "off-the-shelf." The solutions and approaches were customized to fit my needs and I was a part of the final answer, not just an onlooker in the process.

Paul Raybin
(Former) President BPS Reprographic Services

I brought Saxon-Hamilton in to help us address some important issues as a group and strengthen our team. Their work was excellent. The team building sessions, individual interviews, and follow up reports were incredibly well executed and truly beneficial for everyone on the team. The consultants’ methodology was particularly effective for us. We appreciated the absence of fluff, cliches, and flowery techniques. Their approach was instead professional, focused, pragmatic, in-depth and on-target.

The end result of their work included the creation of a new forum to facilitate the active exchange of ideas, a reorganization of our meeting format, and most important of all, the establishment of a new foundation of trust within our team.

We are using our new system and building upon it every day. In a very short period of time we’ve seen the impact of these changes on our performance as a team and on the bottom line. I feel that thanks to Saxon-Hamilton, we are well on our way to achieving our goals. They helped us “keep it real.”