What Clients Say

Vice President of Global Logistics International wholesale and retail apparel company

I’ll be very direct. I came to Saxon-Hamilton at a time when I was experiencing some problems that I feared might stall my career. As a result of their coaching and support, I was able to change how people perceived me and dramatically improve my reputation and standing in the company. I didn't have to change who I was, I just had to recognize what I was doing that got in the way of people seeing the real me, then make some carefully planned changes in how I related to and communicated with others.

The experience of working one-on-one with the Saxon-Hamilton consultants was unique for me – I had never participated in a skills development program where I was dealt with as an individual with my own needs and interests. The consultants took my problems seriously and focused on my issues rather than just putting me through a series of hypothetical exercises.

It was painful at times to recognize some of the things that I had been blind to and the consultants never let me off the hook, but the environment they created was always safe, supportive and encouraging. They stuck with me and made sure not only that I understood what was needed, but also that I was getting the results I desired.

Saxon-Hamilton helped me unlock important doors. The caliber of the staff is extraordinary and my relationship with Saxon-Hamilton is one I value tremendously.

Vice President A major financial institution

My senior gave me the challenging assignment of designing and establishing a new department and defining my own role as its manager. To support me, he brought in Saxon-Hamilton.

Our confidential work concentrated on several critical areas: establishing myself in the new role, enhancing my communication with my senior, his peers and the president of our business, and changing the way I was perceived by them.

My coach was friendly and easy to work with, and the program she developed focused on my unique needs. Her advice was insightful, and our thought provoking discussions helped me see things in a new way. She gave me straightforward written materials and tools that supported the subjects we discussed. One of the incredibly useful things we did was develop personal and relationship profiles and strategies for people who were key to my success in the new position. My coach used her own excellent communication skills to help me sort out my thoughts and turn them into articulate and concise messages. Her strong encouragement to look for and touch the human being in my interactions with others made a real difference.

For me, this whole experience represented a vote of confidence in me by my senior and I saw it as a great opportunity for personal growth. It was both satisfying and very, very productive.